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The Deal [][] +Gothamsdisgracedprince


Watching how Oz closed in on her like that, Kara wanted nothing more to cave into him and hold him close—but she couldn’t just do that—she couldn’t just ignore her duty like it didn’t matter. Kara was Supergirl, she was supposed to do good.

She couldn’t keep waffling back and forth like this—could she?

"I should be… I should be bringing you in," she argued—key word there; Should. She should have been bringing him in. But Kara would never do that to him—but maybe it felt better saying it, hell she knew that and he knew that too. It made her so frustrated, the fact that he’d made such a soft spot underneath her determined facade. No matter what she tried to do, he’d always be stuck underneath her skin. “You and the rest of your buddies out there could’ve hurt someone—and it’s always my job to clean it up!” Kara scoffed at his joke, partially not noticing how close the two of them were getting to each other. “All because your… bitch of a boss has a fetish for pumping people with lead—or whatever the hell the expression is.” 

"And I was careful, thank you very much," she huffed. "I peeled the wood very cautiously away from your pretty little face." He was implying that she was dangerous, and she was really far from it—right?—The heaps of unconscious, and broken boned men outside kind of betrayed her thought process for a moment. Who the hell was she kidding. The cops were going to have some sort of sight to see. 

There she goes again. There wasn’t anything he could say to calm Kara down. To be honest, she had a right to be angry at the situation and him. That didn’t mean Oswald had to enjoy this. She wasn’t supposed to be here anyways! Yet, he would be lying if he said he wasn’t a little happy to see her dropping in, quite literally, from the sky. You know, before he took off running to gain safety from bullets. 

"I know what happens when the streets are flooded with ammunition, but it’s not my job to care. My job is to do what I am told to so I can continue living.” Oswald spoke, but rolled his eyes at the pretty little face comment. Please. His sharply angled mug was far from being pretty, unlike Metropolis’ (actually)pretty, little darling.

A revelation occurred in the bird’s mind. They could and would go all night at this. He did want to get some small amount of sleep. Both parties had their points that made either side just as correct as the other. They were two sides of the same coin, complete opposites. That didn’t seem to stop them from being enamored with each other.  Words were not helping the situation, perhaps actions would. Either actions would assist, or she would seal him back up in that reeking shipping crate for the night. 

Oswald was nervous for what he had planned, but he was more so interested in getting out of here before the authorities showed up. He took the two quickly hobble steps necessary to place him in prime location in front of Kara. His head was lowered and tilted, allowing him to press his lips against the alien’s own. It was short and sweet, and hopefully enough to gain her attention. Both hands cupped her cheeks, resting his forehead on her own. “You can continue to protest tonight’s activities all you want - only not here. I don’t want to spend the night in a jail cell. Please.”  

He did use the magic word, that should mean something. 

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Meet Oswald’s mother.

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New Security Footage Outside Mooney’s

Mob Ties Suspected.

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