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waiting for a reply then realizing it’s been your turn for like eight years.


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Guilty conscience, call it what you want. I’m gonna do what’s right.

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"I never lose sleep over my enemies, it’s my friends that keep me awake."

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[[ sorry about the lack of posts yesterday, this is a tough work week for me. replies will sort of be scattered out when i have time to crunch them in. drafts are still theonesupergirl, singingintheshadow, threelittlegothambirds, barbaraxkean, and gothamswhiterabbit(x2). is there a job where you get paid to have fun on tumblr? ]]

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[[ i need to make fancy banners for when i’m going to work and all that jazz. which is what i’m doing - going to work. four drafts to work on when i get home: theonesupergirl, singingintheshadowthreelittlegothambirds, and barbaraxkean.]]

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You must be quite the scamp -Oswald Cobblepot 1x02

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♠ Your muse adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/ etc. 

"I am quite capable of doing that myself."

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Elizabeth very nearly growled as she entered her office. How dare that lowlife hurt one of her girls; whips were not apart of the contract and now Amber was unable to work tonight. Just because he worked for that self righteous woman, Fish Mooney, did not mean that he could disregard Elizabeth’s rules.

Elizabeth calmed herself down enough to contact Fish about sending her man to get what was coming to him. Breaking the rules required punishment.

Of course Mooney had not informed Oswald of the situation. He was given an envelope and an address. Also, a warning not to muck this up, but that really went without saying every single time. Every time he went home without any injuries, than he could consider the mission for Mooney a success. 

A leggy young woman was kind enough to show him to the proprietor’s office. There was no way he was leaving the envelope with the secretary, this had to be passed directly to the Madam herself. When the door was shut behind him by the brunette, clearly there was some mistake. The blonde in the office could not have been the owner - another assistant perhaps. 

"I was told to meet with the White Rabbit on behalf of Fish Mooney." He couldn’t help but speak with a confused grin. Something was wrong here, he was in the right place, but surely with the wrong individual. 

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